Pluming the LP Appliances

2013/01/23 14:50:05
Ok I has a 35lb fryer, 2 burner cooktop and a 36" flattop. I have dual propane bottles that will have a regulator attached to them and then i pipe going inside with 2 "T's" and the lines will connect to them.  My equipment came with 2 other regulators.  Does something not use the 2nd regulator? I wasn't home when they dropped off the equipment so I didn't ask..
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Re:Pluming the LP Appliances 2013/01/23 17:39:37
you need to know your total BTUs to start. Then you can figure out what you need in the way of regulators.  And be sure and use large enough black iron pipe most likely 3/4 inch to supply your equipment with the proper flow. Once you know your total BTU usage a local propane guy/company should be able to answer your question with a phone call.