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2013/01/23 21:02:30
I just bought my first step van an 89 gmc Grumman with a 5 speed and 350 for 2200. Truck is in great condition with 2 ton axles and I will be converting it into a full kitchen for catering. Already have a brand new 8x20 concession trailer and wanted to build a truck myself but I have some questions. Behind the seat I have 13 and a half feet and 8.5 wide but the ceiling is only around 72 or 74 where am I going to be able to find a low profile hood for a decent price hopefully used. I called dept of health and they said I can run all electrical in conduit on the outside of the wall so I wont worry about where to run what wires before I put the walls up but where do I even start... What size pinkboard should I put on the walls if any followed by how thick of plywood 1/4"? should I lay down the floor first like you would normally in most things or save that for later on?ill be posting pics of the truck as soon as I can but would like some tips along the way thanks for reading!
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Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/23 23:05:22
Read, Read, Read and then Read some more. There are many build threads on here, with most of these questions already answered.
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Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/24 08:56:27
The Chef is right on target. But the search engine is not working here on Roadfood, so use Google and search Roadfood: step van build or Roadfood: food truck build, Roadfood: what ever your looking for.
And then read the entire thread because if you don't you'll miss some jewels that will be hidden in some one or two line reply's. Your questions on ceiling height, insulation, electrical, equipment placement etc will be found there in those post. You'll run across some total failures and some great successes.  LOL Ignore the former and save the links to the later. By the way the ceiling height issue is an often addressed. 
One word of advise is to stay in close contact with your local health department (HD) and before you make any major moves check with them so you don't become one of the failures.
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Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/24 09:08:17
I would check on the height of the truck with the HD first. Our min height here is unobstructed 74", that to the bottom of anything...
Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/24 10:23:00
I already checked with hd they say it doesn't matter which surprises me because im sure im in one of the strictest counties but ive read through a couple builds ill keep this updated
Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/30 18:36:55
just did a lot of cleaning today and removed the door from inbetween the box and cab and built a wall. question is do I install the frp sheets for the ceiling directly over the old ceiling or take off the old one install thin plywood and than glue and screw the new panels onto it?im also going to be cutting out for my 4'w x 3'h window soon should I cut right up next to one of the vertical braces or have both ends end not on a brace
Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/30 18:37:35
also best place to buy frp sheets
Re:first stepvan build 2013/01/31 06:39:56
FRP is best mounted to a surface like plywood,as far as pink foam go as thick as you can based on the depth of your frame work.and Stainless behind the hood/stove area and no need behind the hood.