Crown Candy Kitchen celebrates 100 years

Extreme Glow
Double Cheeseburger
2013/01/23 22:26:12
Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis celebrates 100 years.
Warning: video with sound
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Filet Mignon
Re:Crown Candy Kitchen celebrates 100 years 2013/01/24 08:31:08
Love the BLT's and shakes!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Crown Candy Kitchen celebrates 100 years 2013/01/24 09:01:16
I haven't made a trip to St. Louis in the last decade without at least one stop at Crown Candy Kitchen.  Many ice cream parlors fake an old-fashioned atmosphere, but here it is the genuine article. 

Sitting in one of those ancient white booths is a real treat, although they are a little tight for a big guy like me.  
My first half dozen trips have been all about the ice cream, with a thick chocolate malt

being the usual order.  But the last few visits have included branching out into their sandwiches menu.  They make a fine egg salad, but are best known for what they call the "heart-stopping" BLT. 

Even though all I ate was a 1/4 of this monster, it still felt like I needed a nap afterwards!
Happy birthday to Crown Candy Kitchen! 
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