Moving to Chicago

2013/01/25 11:27:25
My wife's job may take us from SW Ohio where operating my cart is easy to Chicago where I understand the rules are tougher. Should I even think of setting up shop in the Chicago area? What are the hurdles I should be aware of?
Junior Burger
Re:Moving to Chicago 2013/01/26 08:36:23
Look into the unincorporated parts of Cook County or one of the many suburbs for locations also. Go to for more info and  video's of a mobile hotdog vendor that has been in Chicago since 1968. He finds locations on private(business) properties and seems to get  a lot of business with the throngs of people walking by.  Hope this helps.
Junior Burger
Re:Moving to Chicago 2013/01/27 20:24:43
Thank you. No we know. Stay on the outskirts of Chicago and all will be well. It sounds like you have to grease some palms to have a business in Chicago. Champaign, Huh? College towns can be lucrative too.
As I stated before, look at unincorporated Cook County and the Dozens of Suburbs. There are 4-5 million people in the suburbs and endless opportunities in in hundreds of different business parks,thousand's of private businesses with empty lots or open space in towns that have little or no restrictions,hundreds of private schools that do not have kitchens that you can sell to once a week-2 weeks-every month-or what ever. It all depends how creative you are and the willingness to get off your butt and Sell Yourself.