Etna Pa suggestions

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2013/01/30 18:35:50
We will be arrivnig about 8 pm  so wondering if there  is any good roadfood around there.  On Saturday evening, we woul like something a little bit upscale.  Thanks for any suggestions
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Etna Pa suggestions 2013/01/30 19:20:08
It's not upscale, but for some of the best burgers (and their house-made chips) and milkshakes try Burgatory right off Route 28. It's located in a strip shopping center. You'll love the brioche buns.
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Calling Buffetbuster and Ralph Melton for upscale dining recommendations.
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Re:Etna Pa suggestions 2013/02/01 11:27:28
Sorry I did not see this before.....
You didn't mention breakfast, but I highly recommend Pamela's P & G Diner in Millvale, which is a very short distance from Etna.  They are best known for their strawberry hotcakes, which are rolled up like crepes, but everything is good.  Great old-fashioned soda fountain atmosphere, too.
As for the rest, I have some good ideas of where to recommend, but want to make sure they are still around.
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Re:Etna Pa suggestions 2013/02/01 11:36:28
One suggestion for sure is Gran Canal Caffe in Sharpsburg, which is another neighborhood a stones throw from Etna.  Sharpsburg is known for all the Italian eateries and Gran Canal Caffe is the best of them.  I would never call them upscale, as you can eat there in jeans and a t-shirt, but it is nicer place than what most people would call Roadfood.  Everything is made from scratch.
Ralph Melton
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Re:Etna Pa suggestions 2013/02/01 16:31:56
I like buffetbuster's suggestions. 
I would also mention Jean-Marc Chatellier's French bakery, which is nearly across the street from Pamela's. It closes at 2pm or so, so wouldn't be an 8pm option.