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2013/02/07 08:10:40

I'm in hopes of finding someone who can give me an advice on how to cook hot dogs with one burner.

I'm starting my hot dog business hopefully by next month, I've been cooking and trying to figure out the best method on cooking with one burner, but I feel like I'm not doing it right.

My question is, with a hot dog cart that only has 1 burner and 3 pans, whats the best method of cooking the dogs when there's no way to make other pans heat in different temperatures, sadly all my pans and with one burner, burn to whatever temperature I set it. So how would I manage on cooking the dogs with the 1 burner issue.

I thought about once the water is at 165 or 170, I can start boiling the dogs for a couple minutes and then lower it to 140.

Thank you!

Re:Help- 1 burner cart 2013/02/07 14:04:52
My cart was manufactured with one burner, but it looks a bit bigger then a Willy's cart I saw here in tow that had two burners. The burners were not as big in circumference as my burner.
I use a full size pan with about 2 inches of water and add a chicken bouillon or some Zatarain's Crab Boil liquid to the water. It takes 8 to 11 or 12 minutes to boil on a cold day. I mean a roaring boil. I had to put a larger Orifice on it when it got colder last November. The smaller orifice from the manufacturer would freeze up. It would not boil even after an hour. Not enough gas was going through the line 
I have a four inch deep 1/2 size steam pan, the one with the holes in it, for steaming the dogs and the precook Johnsonville's brats.
Then I have two 1/4 sized 6 inches deep pans. I use one for chili and the other I keep a few dog in it simmering with a touch more of the Zatarain's Crab Boil and sell them as "Cajun Dogs."
I do have a Grill mounted on my cart also and grill dogs and brats and hold them in the simmering 1/4 size "Cajun Dog" pan or I keep them heated in the steam pan.
If I didn't have a grill I would just use the 1/2 size steam pan  along with the 1/4 size pans as I described.
At Sam's club I buy 1/4 size aluminum foil pans about 2 1/2 or may 3 inches deep. I put a 1/2 inch of water in the 6 inch deep 1/4 size pan and I spray the inside of the aluminum heavy foil pan and do my chili in that aluminum pan sitting in the 1/2 inch of water inside of the 6 inch deep pan. This way the 1/4 metal pan it not messy to clean at all.
I was going to get the PanSaver liners for the chili, but I'd have to spend too much. The little foil pans come 3 in a pack at Sam's and if you spray them they are easy to clean and use a few times each. 
Hope this helps you friend. I just started late last August. Maybe someone here has a better idea.
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Re:Help- 1 burner cart 2013/02/07 14:56:07

I want to start off saying thank you for taking the time to read my post and give me your advice.

My little cart does have a grill, I thought about grilling them and possibly put them in water at 140, as supposedly what the state what it set at, but I was told it would drain out all the juices.

I thought about just boiling the water at 165 to 170 and then put the hot dogs in and lower the burner to lower so it can slowly come down to 140. I haven't tried it yet, so this Saturday I'm going to test it out.

The bigger pan and putting steam pans in could do the ticket, do you keep the water boiling at 165 or at 140.

I have my pans set up to 3 pans, 1 for my nathans and the other is regular hot dogs and my 3rd one would be my sauerkraut to keep it warm at all times, but I wonder if keeping it set at 140, if it would over cook the sauerkraut.

I'm starting simple, just doing onions, sweet relish, sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard. I want to do the basic, especially being a newbie and what I read online and listen to ben's on YouTube and his site, he said to always start simple. I just don't want to over do it.
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Re:Help- 1 burner cart 2013/02/07 16:55:51
Your cart has a grill. I found on my cart I needed more space than I had, so I took a 6 inch 1/2 pan, placed it on the grill put about 2 inches of water in the pan, then I placed 4 small bowls into the water to use as a base for a wire rack. On that wire rack that's about an inch out of the water I can place my foil wrapped buns and steam them in that fashion. Once the grill has the water up to temp I turn the grill off and just the pilot keeps the whole thing warm enough for about 2 hours or so. Don't know if that would help or not.
Re:Help- 1 burner cart 2013/02/07 17:31:32
If you have the full size spillage pan with 2" of water and use the 4" perforated pan for steaming you can grill the dogs and brats and then store them in the steam pan. Sometimes if I'm not too busy, I just throw the dog or brats back up on the grill for a minute. The customer likes to see it coming off of the grill.
Don't forget the 1/2" of water in the 1/4 size pan 6" deep to put the foil pan with the chilli in it. It's all just a double boiler. It hard to burn anything like this.
The biggest problem you'll have is remembering to lift one of the 1/4 size pans out every 45 minutes to an hour to add water. Don't let the boiling water deplete itself. Man that stinks and ruins your dogs in the steamer for sure. Every now and then put a bit of water in the chili and stir it up as the juices in the chili evaporate.
If you're working in the cold, you might need to do what I had to do and put a larger orifice on your propane hose connector. My factory supplied orifice would work good enough to boil the water. After an hour, it still wasn't boiling. In the cold weather.
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Re:Help- 1 burner cart 2013/02/09 18:34:45
Thanks guys for the inputs!