Middlesex County, Massachusetts Joints?

Double Cheeseburger
2013/02/10 20:44:03
Testing for my day job as an engineer has me spending a huge amount of time this month in Ayer, MA and Boxborough, MA.   I've noticed that these aren't particularly culinary destinations, indeed, most recommendation sites have a dearth of reviews for the area.
But people there must eat somewhere.... So far, I've found one really good place (Woo Jung in Ayer, which I review here, it's quite a good Korean place), and one possibility (Nancy's Airfield Cafe in Boxborough, but my available dining schedule hasn't intersected with theirs yet).  And while it's nothing spectacular, the local pizza joint (Bravo Pizza) is pretty decent, since they've got a locally-brewed birch beer.
So I'm looking for other places to try, particularly for breakfast (needs to open early, since I need to be testing by 7:30) and lunch (needs to be relatively close to Boxborough or do takeout, since we've got a short window for lunch).  For dinner, we can go a bit further.
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Re:Middlesex County, Massachusetts Joints? 2013/02/20 07:09:33
Tough area...but here are some suggestions:
  • TC Landos for pizza in Acton (Rte 2 & 27) take out only but good....its not New Haven...but its good
  • Filohs in Groton for Italian....great package store abuts for a beverage w/ your meal
  • Bull Run (Shirley, MA) for a nice colonial bar and pretty good food
  • Explore Maynard center....many options
  • Nashoba Pizza (Ayer, MA) .....good place for a beer or two...i'm not a big fan of the pizza there but its always busy
Good luck!
Bill E.