2013/02/13 03:08:27
I have a new to me trailer that needs a good cleaning inside.What products do you use that takes off the heavy grease and grime around the fryers?
what do you use to polish the stainless?
Does purple power work good?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Cleaning,polishing,degreasing 2013/02/13 11:35:12
Purple stuff works good, Super Clean or the other less expensive stuff that sits on the shelf next to it for half the price.
Spray on, start wiping or scrubbing, most stuff comes off with minimal effort.
I use it on the hood, walls, floors, anywhere there is grease & grime.
I use Windex & paper towels for the SS.
Re:Cleaning,polishing,degreasing 2013/02/13 19:06:17
ProForce is amazing for really bad jobs ie fryers & hoods, but don't let it get on anything else but SS. Super Clean for everyday cleaning.
Junior Burger
Re:Cleaning,polishing,degreasing 2013/02/13 22:40:17
I just used some Mean Green concentrate that I got from Home Depot on my deep fryers  and hood baffles yesterday and it worked great.  Don't dilute it.  Spray it on and let it sit on there for about 20 mins.  The grease just rolled off.