Water pump

Junior Burger
2013/02/23 12:23:00
I need to know what type of water pump do I need for my concession
 trailer???? Should I purchase the kits with the water containers or just seperate I dont have a clue what to do help any one!!!
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Re:Water pump 2013/02/23 13:32:29
Some of the answer will depend on how much water pressure and flow you need, and your power source.  If you are running an on demand water heater it will have a minimum flow needed to turn on.  I went with a Shur Flo park model (110V) which gives me 3 GPM.  I run off of a generator or shore power and don't have batteries.
Re:Water pump 2013/02/23 20:22:19
Shurflo park model 120V is the most commonly used one. I have put it in over 30 food carts/trucks, always works perfect.
Re:Water pump 2013/02/23 21:54:51
I have the 12V version, but I wish I'd got the 120V.I will do that this year.