Truck vs. Trailer ??

Junior Burger
2013/02/25 15:35:26
Hello everyone, I am glad to have found this forum.

I would like opinions on a concession truck/van vs. a trailer. I would be serving deep fried foods such as mozzarela sticks, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, chicken strips as well as Hot Dogs and Soft Pretzels. Fountain pop, and frozen lemonade. I want to do the fair/festival scene.

I am not looking for anything very large. Do you think it would be more convieient to have a truck so you wouldnt have to hook up or park a trailer? Do fairs generally accept food trucks or is there a rule about it being a trailer only? Thank you for answering my first question of many, Im sure :)

Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/02/25 20:00:01
mOST of your questions will probably be answered by your health dept. Different county different rules.  The answer to your question is simple, do you want to pull a trailer or drive a food truck. Each one is completely different to one another. I have a food truck, a food trailer, and a hot dog cart now.  
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/02/25 21:36:31
A lot will depend on where, how far, how often, Climate, road conditions and Local Regulations.
If you have a truck and trailer, if the truck breaks down you can always rent another truck. If a food truck breaks down, you're dead in the water.
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/02/25 22:10:55
One consideration if you are doing fairs and festivals is what size are the spaces overall and on the serving side?  Here at least, you are paying by frontage foot and spaces are fairly deep so a trailer can work better since you can typically serve out of the back.  Most trucks serve out of the side, so you would need two spaces to fit.
Also, if fairs and festivals are the primary type venue you want to do, have you checked if you will be able to get in with that menu?  Most festivals only allow certain numbers of the same food type, and frankly there are plenty of deep fried vendors already established and very little opportunity for a new one.
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/02/26 11:59:49
What they said.
One more food for thought. If you are driving to fairs and festivals a long distance away, wouldn't it be nice to be able to drop the trailer and have a truck to drive to pick up groceries off and see the scenery?
Junior Burger
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/02/26 13:32:39
Yes, that is a major factor for me. I think a trailer would suit my needs best.

As far as menu, I have been wrestling eith that for a long time. I dont necessarily want to do fried food. My dream is to do unique frozen dessert drinks, but others on a different website have been so negative about that route, that I have begun to secon guess myself.

In fairs around Minnesota, most of the time the menu is : Corn Dogs and French Fries. I feel like people here like traditional "fair food" so by serving the fried foods that I mentioned, even that would be stepping out of the box a bit.

I was looking into a tiny trailer when I had frozen drinks on the brain, but now I am looking for a larger trailer for food and possibly frozen drinks also.
Junior Burger
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/03/03 15:33:34
I'd try looking at  They have a lot of helpful articles on how to run concession businesses. They would most likely have something that would help you with this decision.
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/03/04 13:38:56
Whatever you decide, make sure you like cooking/making whatever it is you do.  You're going to make alot of them!  Working with deep fryers has it's own set of issues.  Your health and fire department may have additional requirements for frying that wouldn't be a consideration for frozen drinks. 
My suggestion would be to follow your dream first, and have a contingency plan if it doesn't work out.  Having something unique to your area is a plus.  It might take a little bit to get the word out, but it's certainly worth pursuing.  As long as you put out a good product, it doesn't have to be like everyone else.  I was next to a lemonade vendor at our summer weekend market.  They only served two products, one a semi frozen strawberry version and one traditional fresh squeezed, and they had a considerable following.
Re:Truck vs. Trailer ?? 2013/03/04 18:29:52
truck= street vending, trailer=fairs