Illinois Permits/ Insurance Help

Junior Burger
2013/02/26 21:31:17
Hello All,
    Longtime forum lurker first time poster. To make a long story short I was hoping to start up a festival vending business this summer but am very unfamiliar with what permits/insurance/business liscenses I need as I live in Chicago, Illinois. Do I just need to go to city hall and get a business liscense number or through the state? I am already a liscensed in food sanitation its just everything else has me confused. THANK YOU for all your help ahead of time! I hope everyones staying warm in this weather!
Re:Illinois Permits/ Insurance Help 2013/03/01 14:26:19
You'll have to have a HD permit for each event you go to if it's in a different city or county,the state wants there cut so you need a tax permit,most events want 1M liability insure.Business licence probally.Your rig will have to meet HD approval,most event has a state inspector come out for Health,one for fire,one for electrical.And you should have your applications in by now for the events.most will be picking vendors this month or next.