Truck Electrical

Junior Burger
2013/03/01 11:03:05
I've been searching previous posts, but haven't had great luck gaining knowledge of diffident electrical set ups.
I have a catering company now, and am working on my first truck build. Obviously I plan to run as much equipment with LP as possible, but I do have some equipment that I am purchasing now for a festival that will be electric. The sandwich grill/press is offered as 120V 208V & 240V.
My hope would be that whatever I buy would have the ability to be used in the truck, if I so desired. My question is, of those three power sources, which one is the best for use in a truck?
Thank you in advance!
Re:Truck Electrical 2013/03/01 14:45:11
For festivals figure you may be lucky and get 20 amp 110/120V,even if you pay for 30 amp or 50amp.But I would stick to 30 or 50 amp.
Re:Truck Electrical 2013/03/06 00:32:18
What daddy says, likewise if you are using a generator 240V generators cost more, and are typically louder.