Isaly's maricopa flavor ice cream

Junior Burger
2013/03/01 19:34:27
I remember this flavor fondly from when I was a kid, and visiting relatives in East Liverpool Ohio. Is there anyone out there that has a good grasp on exactly what was in it ?
Various references on the web talk about a caramel or butterscotch ribbon, in a vanilla ice cream base. One mentioned maple. My recollection (at least 40 years ago) is that there was some maple in it, but I cannot recall if the ribbon was caramel or butterscotch.
Why am I interested in this ? I have a friend that works in a boutique ice cream plant in the midwest. I think they would give it a shot, but I need to describe it to him as best as I can. My memory is foggy, and the Isaly's web site barely mentions ice cream.
Anyone out there have a more solid recollection of the ingredients ?