Running a fryer

2013/03/03 01:13:17
I have been in the concession business for the last 12 years selling BBQ No fryer's.this year I decided to buy a fry trailer to run also.My question/problem is I haven't used a commerical fryer since high school a couple of years ago. ;)
Is there somewhere I can find a how to?I.E set-up,loading oil,heating,filtering(how and what equitment).I need to be retrained in using this equitment.I'm in a rural area some finding someone isn't a option.
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Re:Running a fryer 2013/03/03 01:40:57
Henny Penny has a lot of info on their site, white papers and a lot of user manuals like this one, some are even specific to their customers such as chick-fil-a or kfc.
A ton of vids on youtube about fryers, cleaning, oil, etc
That should be a start.  Also along with your fryer consider a filter/pump system, especially if your doing any coated products
I also started by testing the highest price oil I estimated the products would be able to justify, then started going down in cost/quality from that oil, to see where the cheaper oils started to effect product quality and also oil life until I found one that fit for us.  In our case that turned out to be rice bran oil, but the pricing for that type oil in the states may make it too expensive, its pretty reasonable here, but still more expensive than other run of the mill oils.
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Re:Running a fryer 2013/03/03 15:36:01
You might find something helpful here: Their articles have helped me alot in my concession business
Re:Running a fryer 2013/03/04 23:04:01
I just ran into this a intresting read for those with fryers.