Please Help Insurance Question!!!!!

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2013/03/04 21:12:33
I have had a successful concession business for the last three years and have recently got into some big events which will require me to carry workers comp insurance for my employees. Most of my events are in PA but we also travel to NY, FL, WV. We only have 4 employees and our pay roll for the year is not real high. We are having trouble finding coverage through any local places. If there is any vendor out there that can help or shed some light on this issue please please help....I about can't take the stress anymore. This has been such a headache for our business. If you can offer any advice on who to contact it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Again!!! We already have liability but need workers comp and my carrier doesn't offer it. We would be willing to change our liability if we can get both types of coverages.
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Re:Please Help Insurance Question!!!!! 2013/03/04 22:03:02
there is a law that states you have to have X amount of employees to have W/C.  Learn the law of the county and beat them at their own game.
Re:Please Help Insurance Question!!!!! 2013/03/04 22:59:21
Here it's a state requirement, with even one employee, and there are only one or two companies that provide it.  Unfortunately, you are probably going to have to check requirements in each location. 
Another option might be using a temporary employment agency in each location for help.  I'm sure you could work out some type of contract where you either hire through them or have them add your help as employees so that their payroll goes through them.  It will cost more per hour, but might be less in the end than having multiple insurance requirements.
Re:Please Help Insurance Question!!!!! 2013/03/05 00:31:43
Contact your state insurance commisioner,ask who is doing workmans comp in your state.They have a list of approved workman's comp insurance for another place to look.your insurance agent should be able to tell you some co. names too.
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Re:Please Help Insurance Question!!!!! 2013/10/21 11:57:14
Hello I know this may be late, but I think I may have a possible solution for your problem, are you still in need?
Re:Please Help Insurance Question!!!!! 2013/10/23 09:32:55
Haha. Kiethbkelly, the last post on this thread was seven months ago