North Jersey Chicken Wings and More

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/03/07 12:46:58
I took a short drive (34 minutes according to my GPS) to Buffalo's Chicken Shack in Wood-Ridge for lunch last week, acting on a tip from CC in NJ (actually her son) on a prior thread I can't seem to find right now.
What's with New Jersey and hyphenated town names anyway??
Simple storefront operation with maybe 6 tables inside, very clean looking, run by a husband-wife (I think) team. Man, there were dam good wings! I'd say in the Top 5 wings I have had in NJ. I got an order of 12 garlic very large parmesan wings, fries and a soda, which came to about $16. The food was cooked to order, but the wait was only about 10 minutes. I ate about 6 of the wings and a few of the fries. I would go back, and I wish it were closer. I also hope they stay in business. I was there at about 12:30 on a Thursday and was the only customer the whole time, except one lady came in to pick up an order just as I was leaving.
So thanks, CC and your son!
Stop Two: Never being content to just go to one place if I am out for the day, I took a drive about 15 minutes further north to the Korean Chicken Joint, Peck Peck Chicken, in Teaneck. I don't think they have a website, but here's what Yelp has to say:
I called ahead and ordered a dozen soy-garlic wings and an order of thier steak fries. Ready when I got there. It's a really bare bones mostly take out operation, just a couple of cramped tables, so I took my order to nearby Overpeck Park (very nice for a walk after). If I hadn't already had those terrrific wings from Buffalo's, I would have given Peck Pecks maybe a B+, but I was spoiled for the day, so I gave Peck Peck a B. They were very good, but not great. Thier fries, on the other hand, did beat Buffalo's, nice and crispy and seemed to be fresly cut (not sure about Buffalo's). I also got a side cup of something called Boku sauce, which was well, different, very soy-ish when I dipped a couple of fries.
OK, Stop Three (not chicken related):
Never being content to make just two stops when I'm out for a food day, I made a stop more-or-less on the way home at Clemente's Bakey in South Hackensack. I had not been there for over 10 years, and since then it has gone from a small bakery that specializes in Foccaccia (the best in NJ IMHO), to a full scale take out/eat in tratorria/deli. The foccacia now seems to be an afterthought, but I was able to snag the last two, at about 1:30. Still the best in NJ, I forgot how really good these are. I believe they also supply the foccaccia to some other del's and supermarkets in North Jersey (I've seen them at Corrado's, but not every time).
A good day of eating, which was repeated by my wife and I for dinner with what was left over. I'm glad to say Buffalo's wings didn't miss a beat on reheating.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:North Jersey Chicken Wings and More 2013/03/07 16:05:47
Ken, Nice report! I may have to do this in reverse!
Re:North Jersey Chicken Wings and More 2013/03/07 20:24:59
You're quite welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed Buffalo's Chicken Shack. They are great people and worth the ride. They do re-heat without missing a beat.

I don't eat chicken wings (I request Ribs & Waffles very delicious! )...but my little chicken wing is having a Birthday next week and I bought him tickets to King of the Wing @ Bowlmor Lanes...

I believe the hyphens are to avoid confusion in the postal system. Woodbridge & Wood-Ridge. <<<Hoboken>>> & Ho-Ho-Kus.

It's a great day when you can say you had Peck Peck in Overpeck Park!
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Re:North Jersey Chicken Wings and More 2013/03/08 22:37:08
<<It's a great day when you can say you had Peck Peck in Overpeck Park!
LOL. I like to think I have a way with words and puns, but you got me there! Never crossed my mind. Nice.