Quick Tucson recommendation?

2013/03/09 11:28:33
My parents are in Tucson (U of A campus area) today and would like a suggestion for dinner.  My dad's a meat-and-potatoes guy so they're not really looking for anything strictly regional, but rather something with a somewhat varied menu (Italian/good pizza's OK).  Thanks!
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Quick Tucson recommendation? 2013/03/09 11:40:13
There is a place near the campus called La Parilla Suiza.  It isn't strictly regional cuisine, but it is delicious and has a sort of southwestern flair.  The original restaurant is in Mexico City.
Re:Quick Tucson recommendation? 2013/03/09 13:26:56
The Trident Grill spitting distance from the U, a retired Navy Seal Team 6 Man, owns it, best bar food I've ever had. It's on Speedway.
Re:Quick Tucson recommendation? 2013/03/09 14:59:00
I know what you said, but maybe he'd like to try something a little different. 
Everyone should try a Sonoran Dog at El Guero Canelo!
Here is my entire Tucson list:

Teresa's Mosaic Cafe
2456 North Silver Mosaic Drive
Tucson, AZ 

Gus Balon's.  B-L-D
6027 E 22nd St
Tucson.   [link=tel:520-747-7788]520-747-7788[/link]

Cafe Poca Cosa
110 East Pennington St
Tucson, AZ $$$$

Red Mountain Cafe
4410 e University Dr
Mesa, AZ 85205

El Guero Canelo
5201 S. 12th Ave
El Guero Canelo
2480 North Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ.