wall mount exhaust for my airstream project - need advice

2013/03/11 19:56:02
Hey everybody
    Long time since i posted here…i started out 5 years ago on here researching about opening up a little hot dog stand and over 5 years have turned it into a big 4 unit truck/trailer operation.  Thanks to all who gave me advice when starting up.  I am finishing yet another unique build, a 1962 airstream diner project that is posing one mighty big problem….exhaust.  I have no flat walls and I would rather get exhaust fans for the side so i can have a nice clean look….it is ok wth our HD because we have lots of trucks with the setup.
1.  For thos of you that have it, How does it work?  Obviously the fans suck the grease out, but where does it go from there?  I cannot have it run down my trailer {GROSS}.  I imagine it's like this:  Fab up some mounts for some filters and place in front of the mounted fans…fans suck up the grease and collect in the filters like usual?  Headroom and curved walls are an issue thats why I want to do it like this {less $$ as well} plus I can fab it all up myself.  then a drip catch along the whole thing to catch grease??
2.  What size fan are you guys using and how loud are they?  I saw some for sale at acklands/grainger and they look perfect {w/louvers}.  I understand cfm and adding up my appliance use and making decisions from there, i just dont want to buy huge fans if i don't have too…..for a 7 foot line im hoping to put in 3-4 fans but want correct size.
the 4th pic is what ive been looking at to make sense of the setup.  most trailers in my area have those stupid mushrooms on top and im not going for that look…want it steamlined.  Ive read on here all thats been posted about this type of setup, but nobody really answers the questions,,,just a lot of going back and forth.  So if anybody that has these installed in their truck could provide some info on their setup that would be great.  I'm at the point of install so i would like to proceed.
Re:wall mount exhaust for my airstream project - need advice 2013/03/12 14:59:17
I was looking for inspiration and found these guys, they have a couple of buses and 1 airstream if you go to the gallery you can see the inside and also how they mount filters and exhausts, I thought it was pretty neat way and since I don't want to have a humongous hood, I was considering their setup.
cruising kitchens dot com go to gallery then completed builds and look for totally shredded, hope that helps