CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service.

mayor al
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2013/03/17 07:56:38
Last night we stopped in Greenwood, IN at the City BBQ on Rt 31, just south of Indianapolis.  After a very long dy of auction shopping, we were hungry and pretty worn out....and on our way home.
Saw  a bilboard on the freeway for City BBQ and decided to exit onto US 31 going South to get to the store. City BBQ is a "mini-chain" of about a dozen BBQ stores located in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.
In addition to the usual Ribs (8 on a 10 Scale)  and side dishes (Potato Salad also 8/10) they had Corn Pudding (7/10) and some very good warm Peach Cobbler (8/10). We didn't get into the Brisket or Chicken, but did get a free sample of a couple of bites of Pulled Pork...excellent larger pieces.
Prices were reasonable and three large Southern Pride Smokers chugging away outside gave a fine ordor to the parking lot and surrounding turf.
I see there is one located hear the Hoffman's home in Ohio, and hope to hear from Lisa and Michael regarding any experiences they have had with this BBQ???
Worth a few miles of surface street driving if your looking for decent BBQ when in the Indy area.
Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/17 12:58:28
City BBQ first opened in the Columbus area, and then slowly spread.
I have found their food consistent in the core BBQ dishes, and specials come and go with seasons.

Right now they have a smoked salmon for Lent, and I can say it is one of the best salmons I've had.

Is a large portion, cooked perfectly, and velvety moist.

To me the best thing they put out is their staff. Super nice folks, everyone is helpful,
And making sure everything is to your liking.

Recently my daughter and I picked up a big order, and miracles of miracles, the order was right the first time, with extras thrown in !
They have our return business and will ensure gluten free foods for my Celiac Granddaughter.
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mayor al
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Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/17 13:24:12
Nice to read another persons comments....Especially when I agree completely.
Thanks for the feedback 
Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/17 14:18:25
I don't usually go out for 'que since I have three smokers at home, but we occasionally go to City BBQ since they contribute to the wife's church groups. My experience with them has been very good. For a chain, this is better than any of the others I have tried. I like their brisket and the smoked turkey. The sides are good and their fresh pickles are tasty. Staff is friendly and helpful.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/17 15:26:15
We stopped by Lexington's City Barbeque, one of the newest ones, in December after we found that our first choice, Tolly-Ho, was not accessible. (UK basketball game that day.)  We were very impressed by them.  I can't think of a better multi-state BBQ chain.
carolina bob
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Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/17 20:01:16
I've eaten at the City BBQ on Cincinnati's west side ( Glenway Ave. ) a number of times and have been rather impressed with the place overall. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and the food's pretty good too. I especially like the pulled pork which has a nice smokey flavor; the ribs are fine too although in my experience they don't have as strong a smoke flavor as the pork. Good potato salad too.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/18 12:17:23
I am a fan and go there every now and then (I go to the original on Henderson Rd in Columbus).  I think it is the second best BBQ in town (Ray Ray's being the best but it is only open 3 days a week).  I usually get either the pork which is very consistent or the ribs.  I like to go on Tuesday as they have a special on the ribs.  They are now $1.15 a bone (used be a buck a bone) so you can actually specify a number and not get caught in that " I want more than half a rack but not a full rack" dilemma.  For sides the beans are good and have brisket in them.  I love the corn pudding and the green beans.  If you are eating there the fries are good but they don't travel well.  I am not a fan of the mac and cheese. 
I think I've tried the rest of the meats at one time or another.  I like the brisket but it has been tough on occasion and it is better at Ray Rays.  I know I've had the turkey but I don't remeber it as being either really good or really bad.  I like the sausage but I can't say how it compares to what you'd find in Texas.
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Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/18 19:08:53
I really enjoy their food but the noise level in some of their locations is unbelievable, particularly the one at Eastgate Cincinnati...
Re:CITY BBQ, Good Food and very nice service. 2013/03/19 13:33:07
Michael and I have had City BBQ many times, as there is a location right around the corner from us.  We're not fond of the brisket, which used to be good but now lacks smokiness and seems like pot roast.  We like the pulled pork best, I had ribs once and they were just OK.  For sides we think the greens and macaroni and cheese are very good.  Their Carolina-style peppery vinegary sauce is good on the pulled pork.