That cheese taste: umami?

Filet Mignon
2013/03/18 11:57:31
The taste that gets stronger the more a cheese ages, culminating in your parmesans and 5 year goudas, and 1655 Gruyere, and Scharfe Maxx, etc; is that also umami?
Filet Mignon
Re:That cheese taste: umami? 2013/03/18 17:02:07
I understand umami has to do with fermentation  I know cheese involves fermentation but are you getting at the savory aspect? Not sure where you are going!
Filet Mignon
Re:That cheese taste: umami? 2013/03/18 18:25:57
Interesting question. I look forward to the answer.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:That cheese taste: umami? 2013/03/18 19:57:38
I personally feel that umami is a very personal experience. Anyway I think it must be a flavor that exceeds your expectations! So for me it can be a variety of things, one of which might be stinky cheese! 
Root-Beer Man
Double Cheeseburger
Re:That cheese taste: umami? 2013/03/18 20:17:54
Yes. A well aged Parmagianno Reggianno WOULD have umami. Not sure about the other, softer cheeses, though. It's all about the amino acids and glutamates. Parm often has little white crystals of tyrosine, which are pure umami! Like MSG. Umami is more often than not a savory taste. There's a great book about it called "The Fifth Taste" which goes into amazing detail about it. Here's a review/overview  from the Art of Eating that goes into some detail. It will tell you much of what you want to know about umami.
ann peeples
Re:That cheese taste: umami? 2013/03/19 02:53:33
I should have coined this phrase( or some other) years ago. Have been experiencing the 5th taste all my life-thanks to Mom and Dad and their fine taste in food.