Concession windows in trailer

Junior Burger
2013/03/19 13:23:59
I've done some reading and tried to search but keep getting no results found.  I own a concession trailer now and looking to add a stationary trailer in our main town it will be a 8.5x32' trailer and we are going to install the windows our self, 8'x4' window due to the wait period if we have the manufacture do it.  Anyone that has installed these in trailers, do you just cut out and place the window in?? Or do you have to shore up the area where you cut it out for support going down the road?? Been trying to find pictures on here with no luck. any help would be great!
Re:Concession windows in trailer 2013/03/19 13:57:27
Yup, gotta add some wood around where you cut the hole, otherwise you will just have floppy metal and you won't be able to seal it proper.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Concession windows in trailer 2013/03/19 14:06:06
There are several DIY build threads going on here with lots of pictures. Look through the last few pages of this forum, you will find them.
The search feature on here has not worked for a while, seems that management is in no hurry to fix the problem.
Go to google, enter road food and your search word, seems to pull some stuff.
There is challenger windows in Indiana for your concession window, do a search for them too.