Question about permits and inspections

Junior Burger
2013/03/20 17:26:59
I have a question about permits and inspections, I feel as if these are very local.  So How do you deal with going to various events?
For instance I live in NYC.  I'm quite familiar with the criteria for the city but what if I wanted to go vend at an event in NY state not in the city or what if it was another state entirely? I'm hitting a dead end when I try to find this out.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Question about permits and inspections 2013/03/20 18:56:21
Most venues will have information on what is required of the vendors and who to contact for permits.
Out here, if you are working outside of your licensed area, you submit a temporary vendor application along with the fees to the health dept where the event is being held, at least two weeks prior to the event, they will inspect the day of the event.
 If you pass, you work, if not, you go home if you can't correct the problem..