Table Talk Pies

2013/03/22 17:50:09
Anyone else like Table Talk snack pies?  I have no idea how widely they are distributed (made here in Worcester, Mass). The only flavors that I have ever seen for sale locally are the basics - apple, cherry, blueberry - and sometimes the "Eclair" pie. I recently went to their website and it appears that they offer a large variety including pineapple, chocolate cream, coconut cream, banana cream, and pecan. I have not seen any of these locally, which os a puzzle but I will have to keep looking.
Re:Table Talk Pies 2013/03/22 19:19:33
Table Talk pies are sold here in the NYC area. I always notice them at Shoprite Supermarket. I'm pretty sure peach is another TT pie variety sold here. I'll be sure to look tomorrow!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Table Talk Pies 2013/03/23 00:36:42
GAWD...........loved them as a kid on Cape Cod.....but haven't seen them for decades  and definitely not in the Philly area.  I think somewhere in the basement there is an old TT 9 inch pie tin with the name engraved.........guess my mother forgot to return that one
Re:Table Talk Pies 2013/03/25 13:52:59
Table Talk pie tins are adorable. They have the 10 cent deposit printed right on it.

I have a Mrs. Smith's Mello - Rich pie tin that I have to find.
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Re:Table Talk Pies 2013/03/27 20:41:32
I braved the "What? She ain't ever seen a Table Tawk pie?" lady that was waiting while I took this picture of the very rare for this area Banana Cream Table Tawk pie on sale for $.69 this week...

That was so much fun...I'll go back and  do it for the rest of the week.
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Table Talk pie FAIL 2013/11/06 11:48:18
Ugh!  My one and only experience with Table Talk was their cherry pie.  If there was a cherry in that pie I didn't find it.  As I chewed I detected no cherries, and between bites I looked at the filling expecting to see a cherry but apparently there were too few.  All I saw was the thickener.  The flavor was weak.  The crust was okay though.  I noticed too, on the packaging, that the first (main) ingredient was wheat, then cherries.  Shouldn't a real cherry pie have cherries as the first and main ingredient?  I emailed my complaint to Table Talk and to the C-store manager.  It seems to me that a $1.69 mini-pie could include real filling.  Just sayin'. 
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Table Talk pie FAIL 2013/11/06 12:51:33
I remember Table Talk pies. They used to compete (and not very well) with Frisbie pies, at least in Connecticut. I wish they still made Frisbie pies (and you all must know that the Frisbee got its name from Bridgeport's Frisbie pies, the tins of which used to be tossed around by students at Yale). My favorites were lemon and pineapple. Boy, a pineapple Frisbie pie for a  nickel, along with an X-Tra Cola, also a nickel, and one of Mrs. Marchitto's 25-cent subs made for a great lunch. But with Frisbie's a thing of the past I'd love to be able to get a Table Talk pineapple pie.
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Re:Table Talk pie FAIL The Market basket stores in the NE sell them 2013/11/06 13:02:35
I Get them weekly at my Market Basket Store. They have their own label made by Table Talk as well as the Table Talk brand. Have most flavors apple,lemon. blueberry, pumpkin,
boston cream etc. They are 3 for $2.00.
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Re:Table Talk pie FAIL The Market basket stores in the NE sell them 2013/11/06 13:06:25
They Do Have Pineapple too! My favorites.