Twin Cities to Galena, IL

2013/03/24 17:12:53
I'll be taking a roadtrip from the Twin Cities to Galena, Illinois on Wednesday.  Probably headed through Red Wing, LaCrosse, Alma, Stoddard, Genoa, Ferryville and Prarie du Chien along the way.  Any suggestions for good roadfood in any of these towns and Galena, Illinois (the destination) is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Filet Mignon
Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/24 17:26:53
I can give you a bunch of places in Galena, we like Fried Green Tomatoes and the Woodlands out at Eagle Ridge but you are "off season" right now so I would be careful of your choices. Here is a list:
Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/24 19:19:19
Wanderingjew directed me to Bev's Cafe in Red Wing last fall, and we had a good breakfast there.
Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/24 19:29:31
Screaming Brad is right, I never had a chance to have breakfast at Bev's Cafe but but my two lunch visits in 2006 and again in 2010 were a hit...
If I was still doing restaurant reviews....I would certainly write Bev's Cafe up, its definitely Roadfood worthy.
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Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/25 14:25:16
The newest restaurant in Galena is Chef Ivo's Place. It's had some great reviews. The Chef also owns Galena Canning Company. It's great! Plus, Vinny Vanucchi's and Fried Green Tomatoes are "must stops" for most visitors who come to Galena.
Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/25 17:13:20
Thank you for the suggetions.  Bev's Cafe just may be our breakfast stop, since we will head out early and always did enjoy breakfast on the road.  Red Wing is about an hour away from home. 
We've never been to Galena so it will be interesting to see the sights.  If only we could eat multiple times - but (sigh) I think we're only going to stay the night.   It looks like it has lots of great restaurants for such a small town.
Filet Mignon
Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/25 17:22:02
Galena is a very pretty area. I went to college in NE Iowa so I had to drive through it 6-8 times a year going back and forth going to school. Not sure where you are staying but there are some nice B&B's and many decent hotels. Timmerman's has always been nice over the years, nice lodging and old school food. Eagle Ridge has many many options.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/25 17:36:04
Cannova's has always been solid...been around for years. They have a sister/relative outpost here in Neenah that is consistently great.
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Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/28 16:53:43
I can't remember the name of it, but there's a hotel in town that I had breakfast in that was really good.  The name of the restaurant was General Grant's or something like that.  I had a breakfast skillet that, while nothing new, was really delicious.
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Re:Twin Cities to Galena, IL 2013/03/31 20:42:03
Once you get to Galena, you're in great shape. Woodlands Restaurant at Eagle Ridge is great for farm-to-fork style dining with many local entrees to choose from. If you are looking for a spot to stay, we highly recommend Farmers Guest House. The innkeepers have a full, new-country style breakfast each morning along with WineTime each afternoon at 5:30pm. You also need to check out Fried Green Tomatoes on Main Street. You won't leave hungry and you'll be happy with the range of their selections. If you happen to be in the area until mid-April, check out Spikes at Eagle Ridge. They don't open for the season until then, but the views and food are really beyond compare in the area. Also at Eagle Ridge, they have outstanding pizza at Pizano's (sp?). Hope you enjoy your trip.