Houston Food Truck Scene

2013/03/30 00:15:35
We went to a Food Truck event in Houston last week.  Thought you guys might enjoy some pictures and get some ideas.
It was $16 to get in, 2000 people max around 30 trucks and they sold out in 1 1/2 hours.  Craziness.

Double Cheeseburger
Re:Houston Food Truck Scene 2013/03/30 13:32:53
LOL @ "Or Carlos, depending on who's available".... I'm going to use that.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Houston Food Truck Scene 2013/03/30 13:36:55
Great stuff. did the admission ticket cover anything besides getting thru the gate?  My kids live in Houston and I'd love to attend the next one
Re:Houston Food Truck Scene 2013/03/30 13:40:36
Re:Houston Food Truck Scene 2013/03/30 20:14:54
I didn't even notice the Carlos comment until I looked at the pictures later, that's classic food truck personality there.
Admission included 5 tickets that would get you one beer or 2 generic sodas at the event's booth.
They also had bands playing through the event.
Houston has a ton of food trucks, I swear I saw one every block in the business districts.  most were run of the mill white taco trucks though.  They have a Food Truck area at the Museum of Fine Arts but there was only one truck when we went.
Houston had some FANTASTIC food.  Southwest Houston has everything you could imagine.  My favorites were the Ragin Cajun, KennyG's and Danton's.  Americas was also very cool with the theme inside. Crawdads were in season so that's what we focused on....yum!
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