The Billiard Academy. Thomasville,GA

Double Cheeseburger
2013/03/30 21:54:56
What is about hot dogs and pool halls? They just go together dont they? The Billiard Academy has been open in Thomasville since 1949 serving great chili dogs,cold beer, bottle Cokes and fellowship. The dogs are skinless,beef and pork mixed. Boiled and kept in a steamer. The chili is made daily and is flavorful although not as spicy as some. They told me they use an average of 20 lbs of ground beef a day making chili sauce for roughly 400 dogs a day. Its not unusual to see a line at the sidewalk window and people eating at one of three picnic tables on the sidewalk. The 2 dogs in my picture were so good I had another one for dessert..


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Re:The Billiard Academy. Thomasville,GA 2013/04/24 09:50:58
Whoa!  Another one from my locale.   LOL.  Dogs as pictured are $1.50 each; my take is usually 3.  Not anything to write home about, but cheap and filling.