full water system install plus window installation price

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2013/04/09 12:18:26
a girl I know just bought a 20 ft haulmark car hauler and is bound and determined to build a food concessions trailer. she's been warned that this is NOT a 1 week project that will take 10 to 15K minimum but she is convinced that she can put full water and electrical in her trailer for 1500.00 which includes installing the service window. she actually said a friend would do the whole water system including both sinks for 800.00!!  what i need is a few guys who know what it takes to chime in on costs to buy materials, equipment, sinks water heater and water pump, what can we expect to install flooring, service window, full running hot and cold water and waster water??  she will NOT, (i repeat NOT be doing ANY of the work herself. costs estimates and time lines are what i need.
okay, this is an odd ball request I know but Im documenting what i know to be a price for a full window install (3ft x 3ft), installation and materials for commercial 12in flooring tiles glued down, fresh water tank, grey water tank, 3 ft 3 well sink, hand sink, 10 gallon hot water heater, 12 volt water pump, plumbing in and out, minimal wiring. any and all help appreciated. just trying to help her understand costs PLUS TIME LINES.  thanks and hope u guys are all VERY busy this time of yr.
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Re:full water system install plus window installation price 2013/04/09 12:39:18
Has she even priced any of the materials?
So $800 for the water, a window & door from challenger or the like is $1500 from other threads on here.
Electrical panel & wire $200-300
$200 ++ for FRP, screws, adhesive, etc
$100 lights
$200 cheap floor tiles or Lino + adhesive
What about equipment?
That's 3 grand right there, and that's a conservative estimate.
Forgot the water heater... $200??
Re:full water system install plus window installation price 2013/04/09 14:26:16
Uh, no.
The cheapest I ever built a trailer for was 5000, and it was built off a old 64 Shasta camp trailer that was only 10X6, trailer itself only cost 500. Labor costs? Think if I was lucky I might have made 1000 for the whole conversion.
20ft trailer? If using FRP thats 33 a panel from Home Depot. Do the math, 4x8 panels that's 5 panels per side of the trailer, 2 on front, 2 on back, another 5 on the ceiling. Already 462, plus Thermoplastic rivets, divider strips, trim, caulk, about 600-700 in walls and ceiling alone.
Floor in a trailer that size? At least 250 in materials.
Window? The way I do it it is about 150 for the actual window, plus another 50 for prop shocks, another 80 for Aluminum, mic parts around 30. So what was that 560?
Water system? I run all mine in crimp fit pex, which is one of the cheapest ways to do it that actually works and doesn't break in a month. Parts? About 250. Water heater? Electric Bosch Ariston 4.0 is like 250. 120V shurflo pump, 110 or so. That's another 610 at least.
Electric? Around 300-400 in parts, with cheapo 12" fluorescent lights.
Already at almost 2k in parts alone. Doh, broke the bank lol.
*Note, I have built around 3 dozen trailers, from cheap 5k old school camper conversions, to 25k dollar cargo trailers, to 15k dollar trucks, and everything in between.
Re:full water system install plus window installation price 2013/04/10 03:34:32
I second a.mckenna.