Outlet question

2013/04/09 14:14:53
In my new concession trailer I'm thinking I need gfi as some places I have been inspected wanted them.In my other trailer I put them in the outlets.This one I have a lot of outlets and from what I can find there 30.00 a pop that will get spendy fast.
My Question is can I put a gfi breaker in,would that work for the inspectors?or should I just bit the bullet and get gfi for each outlet?
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Re:Outlet question 2013/04/09 14:25:22
I only have one GFI, it's near the sink. Should only be required in a wet location.
Re:Outlet question 2013/04/09 16:15:30
Dont you just love local HD interpretations.... NOT!!!!  
What I was told by my electrician that a gfi is only good if you have an active ground. Which if you are mobile, gfi does you absolutely no good.  However if I am in an event, I usually find something to clamp a ground wire on. Also when you have fluctuating power as so many events do, those things will be popping off all the time. Check and see if ND goes by the national food service codes, because I know there is no requirements under the national code which gives you an arguing point. You'd be surprised what you can win when you know your stuff!!!! I get along good with my locals now, whereas we were enemies at first. Good luck with your locals. 
Re:Outlet question 2013/04/10 03:13:32
It's the state electrical inspector that wants it.they come around at some venues for a yearly inspect;of course with their hand out.
Re:Outlet question 2013/04/11 12:02:53
In that case, overkill is better then under kill. One thing I have learned, when you know you got picky inspectors, go over kill. They will walk in and see how far you went over kill and leave you alone for the most part.
Re:Outlet question 2013/04/12 02:04:08
anyone know where I can find low cost gfi outlets? need about 8.
Re:Outlet question 2013/04/12 08:09:37
I believe you only need one per circuit.  You can also get GFI circuit breakers but they are around $30.