Creamy granola bar from the 1970s?

Junior Burger
2013/04/09 14:39:00
My favorite flavor was their unique creamy bar that seemed to consist of crunchy granola bits and raisins embedded in a smooth peanut butter and cinnamon blend. Texture of the matrix was ultra-creamy, almost like a good truffle filling but not nearly as sweet. Not oily despite the peanut butter, but dense and creamy (probably from hydrogenated vegetable fat or something similar!)
I have not seen this bar sold in decades but merely wish to recall the name of it, and if anybody else remembers, maybe some of the other ingredients. I'd like to recreate my own version since it's no longer available.
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Creamy granola bar from the 1970s? 2013/04/29 14:09:51
Carnation Breakfast Bars?