Shotgun Sam's Pizza Palace

2013/04/12 19:11:54
Does anybody remember the Shotgun Sam's Pizza Palace in Tulsa and OKC back in the late 60's and 70's ?
I was in college then and would frequent them (and Shakey's 'Pizza too) on trips to Tulsa from NW Ark. Great pizza and Samwiches and a fun place to go. They were on south Sheridan Rd and and it looked similar to Shakey's on the inside if I remember correctly. I think they're long out of business now and just a pleasant college memory.
Junior Burger
Re:Shotgun Sam's Pizza Palace 2013/04/23 12:46:27
You bet!  My first job when I got out of the Navy in'74 was to co-manage the Shotgun Sam's in Joplin, MO.  I have a lot of great memories.  I am in the process of donating an original menu & mug plus my Stetson hat that I wore to a non-profit to use in a silent auction.