Commercial Microwaves

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/04/13 00:33:56
Our 17 year old Goldstar died recently. For the moment, it's been replaced with my venerable Sharp "Half Pint" that I bought 27 years ago that's seen years of daily use. Our luck during the past 15 years with newer generations microwaves hasn't been very good with counter units. We only got 3 years of use out of a GE that they refused to honor the magnetron warranty claiming the countertop brand became Walmart's problem and made by Daewoo which also declined to accept or honor the warranty. We bought a huge, but featherwight Panasonic Inverter for my Mom that we took after she passed. It didn't even last a year. Our last try was with an expensive, Sharp upper end R-930 that didn't last 3 months and turned into another awful service nightmare with everyone blaming everyone else for service that we were lucky to return. We hadn't fared any better at the shop going through an Avanti and a Magic Chef in 4 years. The consumer units don't appear to built or last like the older ones.
Soooo. I'm looking at commercial ones. I've worked with both the panasonic NE-2100 and 1700 series units and they've been awesome. Unfortunately, the lines are all 220V. I love their build, simplicity, and ease of cleaning. I'm looking for something as heavily built, 110V, and frill features such as pre-programmed features to me is nonsense. A timer more then 15 minutes is worthless unless there is a defrost function. Cavity size is a minor issue. Microwaves are for warming, not cooking IMHO. I have a great Cadco convection oven for cooking although a browning element wouldn't hurt having like some micros do. I'd buy a used steaming version of the Panasonics in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the 220V. It's not worth paying an electrician 2 times the price of a commercial Micro to install a single phase 220 line beyond the already existing stove in my Kitchen.  
Any suggestions for a  110V workhorse?