Wall Covering

2013/04/14 17:58:45
What should I cover the wall behind our grill with? I know stainless steel is one option are there others? Where do people buy their wall covering? Thank you for your help!
Re:Wall Covering 2013/04/14 22:40:04
Im sure Aluminum would be fine but it would need to be something non-combustible.  And heat resistant.  Stainless is usually a go to because it's easier to take care of than aluminum...but it is much more expensive.   There are plenty of online peeps selling quality metals but I've found there are usually many local places that are happy to get you better pricing.  Good luck!!
Junior Burger
Re:Wall Covering 2013/04/24 00:14:42
Aluminum will dull when cleaned with bleach. Local will be the best place for stainless
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Wall Covering 2013/05/01 08:53:16
Ask your Health Department if they have a specific requirement.