concession windows

Junior Burger
2013/04/19 09:40:43
I've read many times on this site about people using household windows for serving windows. In my research if found that most are made of Vinyl, while I found nothing in the health or fire codes approving or disapproving the use.
Also what would be a decent counter height and depth?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:concession windows 2013/04/19 10:02:13
Junior Burger
Re:concession windows 2013/04/24 00:12:19
Another idea on windows is a rv window
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
Re:concession windows 2013/05/01 09:55:28
Household windows are built to be opened and closed a few times a week ... not 300 times a day.  Durability is going to be a big problem.
Re:concession windows 2013/05/01 19:08:52
I used Humphrey's out of Kansas and had them build it custom to my specifications, which was 4' wide, 3' tall. They made the window and the outside shutter. If you go that route, consider how these two will be installed together, as in, how the framing will be set up. Luckily, I had a creative and inexpensive welder guy to use to help me install it into my truck.
I think Sonny raises a good point about the durability of household windows. But I have seen lots of them used in other trucks and carts. I think ultimately, you will have to determine whether you want to go the cheaper route, or the more "pro" route. On the plus side, household windows are pretty common and easy to replace.
Junior Burger
Re:concession windows 2013/05/14 15:02:32
Does anyone have a good resource for concession windows?
I grew up as a carpenter, and have installed many residential/commercial windows, but never anything in a truck/trailer. I've been wondering what type of window to install, as well as how to install it. The reason I ask is because I'd prefer not to frame out the rough opening with 2x4 lumber (only way i'm familiar with), and instead use a window that is build for a wall thickness between 1.5"- 2". 
Is the best option to use an RV window? Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!
Re:concession windows 2013/05/14 20:12:53
The powers that be in my state require the windows be tempered glass, YMMV.
Re:concession windows 2013/05/16 05:21:02
you can flea bay concession windows,there is a Co. there that sells concession windows,"shutters",and other parts for putting your concession together.
I have been using a household window in my trailer for the past 6 yrs.
Re:concession windows 2013/05/16 20:36:54
I went with household windows as well...They're not as fancy as the aluminum deals made by some of the concession window companies but man did I save a ton of money.  Following how some of the others here made their awnings and with the creative use of some aluminum and/or wood you can make a pretty killer little setup and save quite a bit of money