Laying out Stainless walls

2013/04/19 17:32:01
Hi all I'm about to put up the backsplash but I'm in a doubt as what the best way to lay it out, the sheet is 10X4 and the whole wall is 6'2" X 6'2", also my hood is 5 feet long,
I was thinking about going horizontally but I don't know.
Any opinions from the builders here?
Re:Laying out Stainless walls 2013/04/19 18:06:27
My hood is 8 foot but i went stud to stud.  No stainless behind the hood just open wall.
The sheet starts at the fender top and goes up.  I cut two small pieces to fill the gap from the fender top down on the floor in front and behind fender.

Double Cheeseburger
Re:Laying out Stainless walls 2013/04/19 19:38:43
Suggest you run your seams vertically, keep any seams away as much as possible from high splash exposure areas.  Cover the seam with a molding that can be removed, screws versus rivets.  Makes it easy to keep that area and what's behind it very clean.