Natchez Trace Parkway

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2013/04/25 13:32:05
Traveling from Nashville to Natchez MS on NTP with some side trips. Welcome any suggestions along the way. Thank you.
Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/25 15:55:33
Two Over Easy

Traveling from Nashville to Natchez MS on NTP with some side trips. Welcome any suggestions along the way. Thank you.

I've done it, and it's a beautiful trip! In Nashville, Loveless Cafe is a classic, good food!! And when you get to Natchez, The Cock of the Walk by the river is good, as is the Carriage House. There's a bbq place in Ridgeland, MS I believe, called the pig skin or some such. VERY good que. 
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Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/25 17:20:23
Puckett's Grocery in Leipers Fork, Tn.
Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/25 23:39:27
I worked in Natchez for a while the last couple of years.  The Magnolia Grill on the River is great food.
It is not part of a chain.  Never had a bad meal.  Could be considered little pricey but well worth it.  Don't forget to order the fried pickles.  They are the best ones I've tasted. 
The Eola Hotel on Pearl street has a great lunch buffet.  If they are having fried chicken you are in luck.  When I was there the wishbone was a cut from the chicken which is unusual (and I took full advantage of it)  but I certainly complemented the Kitchen those days.  Nice parking across the street. We would call to see what the menu was for the day.  Usually good fresh vegetables.
Mammy's couple of miles south of Natchez on 61 is great for lunch depending on the day.  If they haven't changed the menu I believe it was Black Beans on Monday, Pork Tenderloin on Thursday and the best chicken pot pie on Friday.  The Hummingbird Cake is Great for dessert.  Sorry I can't remember Tuesday or Wednesday.
Finally, BBQ  This is good.  Just looked up website and evidently I'm not the only one to think that it is good.
Have a great trip.
Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/26 14:07:26
Toward the southern end of the parkway and just east of the parkway is the Old Country Store in Lorman, Mississippi.  It is reviewed on this site.  Absolutely a one of a kind roadfood experience, it is not to be missed.
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Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/26 15:45:17
I've been on part of this drive back before I cared about food. It was a beautiful drive and look forward to hearing about your trip!
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Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/29 19:35:07
Ate at the Old Country Store at noon on Sunday. Absolutely INCREDIBLE ~ Thank you very very much for the recommendation. The owner Mr D was very kind, sharing his story and passion, singing, and the food was PERFECT. Fried chicken, ribs, smothered chicken, dirty rice, stewed tomatoe and okra, candied yams, 3 kinds of greens, and we had both the blueberry & peach cobbler. One of the best eating experiences of my life and I am a well traveled long time foodie. Thanks again. I am in the gun business, I own a comoany called Henry Repeating Arms. If you would like I would be happy to send you some of our logo items. I would need your name and street address and T shirt size.
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Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/30 10:14:49
Two Over Easy-
Thanks for reporting back Old Country Store.  100% agree that this is one of the most unique dining experiences imaginable.  Loved it when Mr. D sings!  I didn't like all of the food, but the cobbler was truly excellent.  If you want to see what I wrote about the place in an old trip report, you can find it about half way down this page
Re:Natchez Trace Parkway 2013/04/30 13:13:11
A couple of years ago we drove the Trace from Tupelo to Natchez and the only place to eat right on the Trace itself was the Council House Cafe at French Camp.

Pretty standard luncheon fare. Nothing special.

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