Anyone using a honda eu300is

Junior Burger
2013/04/26 18:17:22
Hi...thinking of getting the eu300is and was just wondering what you run off of it and how happy you are with it. Any input would be appreciated...thanks
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Anyone using a honda eu300is 2013/04/26 19:10:34
Bulletproof ! I have had mine for over 10 yrs, never missed a beat. I use it on my food trailer and RV. Keep the oil changed and it will be faithful. Very quiet at wide open.
Junior Burger
Re:Anyone using a honda eu300is 2013/04/26 19:12:50
can you give me an idea of what you run off it at one time
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Anyone using a honda eu300is 2013/04/27 00:08:03
These are nice, efficient, and quiet units that like Chef says are Bulletproof if you respect disconnecting the load on powerup and power down. We used this unit's little sister the EU2000's for our rooftop site contingency for longer term outages then storage batteries could provide in the absence of building power and battery charging. They are fuel sippers, but come with a hidden price once the warranty (2 years/ 1 year commerical then). If the inverter dies, they don't repair it, only replace. That cost plus the labor is over 1/2 the cost of the unit. For our E2000's, that was over $600 for gensets we paid $875 and all eventually failed. A ham radio operator we know that used an E3000 was quoted over 1K repair for their disaster response unit's inverter failure. Be forewarned that repairs for these unit can be very costly out of warranty. Make sure that if you purchase these units, it's under a name as a residential sale and not a business which effectively halves your warranty unless something has changed during the past 6 years. You might want to look into the Yamaha units that dollar to feature ratio is better then the honda with the same relability from what I understand. There are now many Chinese knockoffs that are so cheap that if you get the warranty, they are pretty much disposable if you use them commercially.
Re:Anyone using a honda eu300is 2013/04/27 09:08:30
As Si would say ... happy, happy, happy.
I run a 13.5 roof top air, 2 1.7 amp refrigs, slide top freezer, exhaust fan and light and it doesnt even cough. and dont forget you can parallel another unit together, but if you think you will need that might as well spring for the 6500is. However with 2 3000's if one went dead, you wouldn't be SOOL and stranded.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Anyone using a honda eu300is 2013/04/27 16:14:18
What does one of these baby's cost?