Where to eat along i76 to Cleveland, OH?

Junior Burger
2013/05/04 21:49:08
Hi, I will be going on a road trip to Cleveland and was wondering if anybody can recommend some places to eat along i76 from PA to Cleveland. Thanks!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Where to eat along i76 to Cleveland, OH? 2013/05/05 00:24:26
If you're going past the Somerset exit of the PA Turnpike, I recommend the Summit Diner, which is just a couple blocks from the exit:  http://www.roadfood.com/R...view/8090/summit-diner
My wife and I drive to Cleveland for weddings at least once every few years (in fact, we're doing it twice later this year), and we usually stop there for either our first or last meal of the trip. They have solid diner food - which is a big improvement over what you'll find for the most part along the PA Turnpike - including a big selection of both fruit and cream-meringue pies.