Small Capacity Alternatives To Bowl/Buffalo Choppers

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/05/05 13:27:02
I've written about this topic once before and the general disappearance of buffalo cutters as a major prep tool from institutional kitchens with the advent of the Robot and following rotary blade and disk food processors during the past 40 years. The prices on a small capacity 14" or so chopper is ridiculously high even used or on imports for most kitchens, yet they are unmatched by anything short of using a knife and a cutting board in certain circumstances.
I've seen in older books sort of a manual version that would suffice in ricing slaw, making kraut, fine chopping of herbs such as parsely without maceration into a mush. It looked like a large, shallow, wooden bowl and what looked like a multi blade Mezzaluna with a handle fitted to the bowl contour. Searching on the net, there's no shortage of these type of mezzalunas or small boards with a rounded depression for small amounts of herbs. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a larger capacity cutter fitted with a good sized bowl of at least 2Q suitable for small batch processing.
Does anyone know if there's been any other kind of either hand cranked, manual or small scale attempt at reproducing a bowl cutter? I would imagine this would be a consumer litigation nightmare if anyone had thoughts of marketing a domestic version and the infomercial market would stay clear of offering anything like this. I certainly can see something like this for small insitutional prep.
Re:Small Capacity Alternatives To Bowl/Buffalo Choppers 2013/05/05 16:00:37
It's certainly a different ballpark than a Buffalo Chopper but my old-school Saladmaster is a manual wonder. Pop-in a few different cones and it chops - slices - strings - grates - peels - shreds - waffles & crumbs....

A Foley food mill...potato ricer & a manual meat grinder to pick-up some of the alternate small capacity functions...and you're sort of on the manual way to Buffalo....without the nightmarish sound of the Buffalo Chopper.
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