June Trip Across Michigan

Junior Burger
2013/05/05 19:25:00
     Next month I'll be taking a trip from Pontiac Michigan To Marquette Michigan.  I'll be stopping or going through the following places: Atlanta Michigan, St Ignace, Manistique, Munising, Newberry, Paradise, The Les Cheneux Area, Mackinac Island, and finally down US 23 to Saginaw.
Does anyone have any recomendations in those places or along that route?  I went to NMU so I'm sure I'll stop at Vangos.  I think I'll skip Tony's in Birch Run.
Junior Burger
Re:June Trip Across Michigan 2013/05/10 07:45:44
You should go to Marquette Michigan in St. Peter Cathedral, superior dome. these are point of attraction there.
I think, you liked it

Junior Burger
Re:June Trip Across Michigan 2013/05/16 05:22:46
Turkey Roost in Linwood
Junior Burger
Re:June Trip Across Michigan 2013/05/19 10:37:47
Browns Fishery in Paradise which is on Whitefish Bay East of Tahquammenon Falls.  Excelent Whitefish but go here for lunch, not dinner, since they do sometimes run out of fresh fish
Muldoons Pasty shop in Munising on M28 as you leave town
St Ignace has the Galley restaurant which has whitefish livers which I love but they aren't for everyone.  Lehtos Pasty shop is on US2 on the far west side of St Ignace
There are a couple of new microbreweries in Marquette that don't serve food but have excellent beer.  Blackrocks and Ore Dock
Re:June Trip Across Michigan 2013/05/19 16:19:27
We just finished a trip through the UP entering at Hurley/Ironwood and hugging Lake Superior as much as possible. Had a Smoked trout pizza at the Mariner North in Copper Harbor, a pasty at the Suomi Restaurant in Houghton and pasty again and whitefish sandwich at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Grill in the state park. The Tahquamenon Falls Brewery is the only place on your route. In Munising we camped at Bay Furnace NF campground. A casino right at the entrance was the only food and it was just nondiscrept bar food average.