What do you really want from your customers as a business owner?

Junior Burger
2013/05/07 23:56:18
Hi guys,
I am currently building a product that will help business owners communicate to customers better and ultimately turn customers into loyal customers ("fans"). See the related here:
Just few questions...
1. What do you really want / expect from a technology like this? (This is not a POS System)
2. What do you really want to know from your customers? (What they thought about the food? service?) Or do you even care at all?
3. Would you want something to help you communicate (promote items , ask, get feedback etc) to customers so that you build long-lasting relationshops or would you just want something to attract more people coming into the restaurant for a short term?
What are your honest thoughts on this customer relationship matter? Is this a problem for any of you?
Junior Burger
Re:What do you really want from your customers as a business owner? 2013/05/15 09:42:05
Okay, here is my take.  There is a lot of things that go into menu design that have been proven to make people select certain items, or not select certain items automatically.  Usually POS systems give a restaurant everything it needs to know when designing a menu.  The only thing that the current POS systems don't do well is interact with the customer since they usually never have the POS system in their hands.
What a business owner really cares about is going to be very different depending on the owner.  I can tell you that most chefs if they are owner have no care to have their customers tell them what they thought of the food.  It is sad, but most chefs that I spoke with hate their food being judged and systems that turn everyone into critics are usually not liked.  And there is a trend in review systems.  People who had a bad experiance are much more likley to review than people who had a good.  And if the restaurant/chef already has a good reputation people are likley to leave a good review even if they didn't like it.  Like going to a Bobby Flay restaurant, a handfull of people will say it was great simple because they went to a Bobby Flay restaurant.  Sorry Bobby I just used your name because you are well known, not saying anything about your places.
That being said, there are two things that matter. First and most important, would they come back, and if not how can I convince them to come back and give us another try.  Second, why aren't people ordering the duck and how can i get them too (but again this goes into menu design).
Anyway, you can pump any stats and/or analysis into the thing and if you don't help to improve either of those two things it wont matter.
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