Poverty Pete & Foodbme do the East Valley----Almost!

2013/05/09 03:03:37
Last week I received a PM from Poverty Pete saying he was going to be in The Valley of the Sun this week. Did I want to meet up with him?
Does an Elephant like Peanuts?? Of Course!. When in AZ, eat like the Illegal's do ---Have Mexican food!
I sent him some suggestions for Mexican places and he selected Nando's. www.nandosmexicancafe.com . Nando's started out with one location and just recently opened their 3rd place. We ate at the one in Mesa on McDowell just East of Power Rd. I've eaten at the one in Gilbert many times since it's a 1/4 mile from my Casa, but had never been to any other ones. The guys who run it are originally from Sonora MX and the food is definitely AUTHENTIC Sonoran. The place has a very nice warm classic Mexican feel to it. Not Junky Mexican decor, kinda upscale furniture, pictures artifacts etc. You can see the pictures of the place & the food on the web site above. The story goes that they won enough money to open the first one with the winnings in a card game in Las Vegas!
The food was Outstanding! I had the Chuletas Con Chile Rojo ~ Just like Nana used to make…two pork chops grilled then simmered in a spicy red chile sauce. Served with rice, whole beans, warm flour tortillas, and green chile salsa on the side. $12.95.
They were 2 Beautiful, 8 oz each pork chops that had been marinated overnite in a wonderful, flavorful red sauce. Tender, juicy and flavorful! I could only finish 1 pork chop plus some of the beans & rice and fresh warm flour tortillas. Poverty Pete's standard of measurement of how good a place is is their Chile Relleno's and that's what he had. He said it ranked right up there with some of the best. As many of you know, PP is a Beer Meister so we had a pitcher of the beer of the day. Don't remember the name but it was good.
Most importantly was the lively conversation we had. We found out we had a lot in common. Both like Beer #1! Both worked for Truckstops of America. Both lived in the Nashville area. Both had a connection thru Sears. Both love Drum & Bugle Corps music and the Father Ryan Band & School. My Son in Law is a professional Driver and so is he. And a number of other things that were kinda blurred by the beer!
We planned to go out again tonite to The Red Mountain Cafe for their Wed Nite Fish Fry. The Red Mountain Cafe is a Wonderful Roadfood joint with outstanding Breakfasts as well as Lunch & Dinner. The owners are from the UP of Michigan so they bring in the fish from up there and know how to cook it! It's one of those places that's so good they don't need a web site to promote the place but here's their urbanspoon write-ups.
http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/22/263999/restaurant/Phoenix/Red-Mountain-Cafe-Mesa They have a 96% rating!
After dinner, we were gonna scoot down to Mill Av in Tempe to check out World of Beers Drinking Establishment and all the Hot Coeds from ASU. 
Unfortunately our plans got de-railed by Poverty Pete's employer who sent him on a secret mission. I'll let him tell you about that.
All in all, I had a really enjoyable time with PP and was fascinated by all his life experiences. Those of you who know him know he can spin a few yarns!
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