Canopy Concession Question

Junior Burger
2013/05/12 23:46:47
Okay, this is my first post on here. I have read a good bit of information on this site. However, I am very new to this. Therefore, I need some advice if you all would not mind to be so kind to excuse my stupidity, as I am attempting to educate myself about this. With that being said, my husband and I are considering doing a canopy concession at a local events. However, my question is how do we go about getting license and general vendor permit? I have researched this and I can only seem to find information about concession trailers. I am wondering how the health dept is going to do an inspection in order to give us a license, if we are working from a canopy? That's what confusing to me.  I know the requirements for concession trailer, but what are the requirements for canopy vendors? We will be doing shaved ice for our first year and we live in Arkansas. Anyone who can give input? I would greatly appreciate it and please be kind, I am aware that I do not really know much about this yet. I am still very new at this. Thanks again!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Canopy Concession Question 2013/05/13 00:36:24
Uhmm.....Call the health dept and ask what their requirements are....
What they allow to be sold in a tent........
Re:Canopy Concession Question 2013/05/13 09:24:37
Take the time and google "Arkansas health dept." There will be a search box, type in "temp. food permit". Should answer your questions. Do as Chefbuba says, call the health dept. They don`t bite. All the info you need is there.
Junior Burger
Re:Canopy Concession Question 2013/05/13 12:37:35
Okay, thanks!
Re:Canopy Concession Question 2013/05/14 05:31:31
Some state don't allow food to be sold from tents.But 99% of the time the HD comes to the event and inspects you.Ask what is required for a temp food permit.
Most likely:
tarp or other covering for the floor
Screening around at least the 3 sides
Hand wash sink
water source for said sink (5 gal jerrycan works most places)
bucket to catch drain water
Re:Canopy Concession Question 2013/05/14 12:10:50
Hey Arkie, Im AR also. You cant get a permanent licence. You have to pay $35 each fest. You have to be covered, screened 4 sides, sink setup with hot water, hand wash sink, some counties will require ground cover if you are not on a hard surface, tho not too inforced. Really depends on which counties you are talking about. Pulaski,Conway, Central, NWA?, I feel sorry for you then!!!LOL There are a few tricks allowed in AR which doesnt make it too bad.