Hanbones in Hamden, CT

Junior Burger
2013/05/14 14:56:31
Hanbones is located at 173 Arch Street. I was hiking the trails Near Wintergreen Lake yesterday. and found this place on my way to look at a bookstore. Slammed on the brakes and headed into their parking lot. Loved it!! Portions were huge and I'll be having it again today. Delicious BBQ in different regional styles. Mac & cheese and collard greens are great also. You get different plates....one meat, two, or three, with two sides. Brisket, pulled pork and I can't remember the other one. Sandwiches. They make their own banana pudding. Will go back next time I'm there for sure. I loved it. 
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Filet Mignon
Re:Hanbones in Hamden, CT 2013/05/15 11:29:08
I'll find it next time I'm down that way.