I'm in a Pickle over the Pickle

2013/05/20 09:44:21
OK Guys & Gals;
Going to take the plunge and start offering the Chicago Dog, as I get many request for it. I am keeping it authentic, Vienna Dogs, Vienna poppy seed buns, Yellow mustard, neon relish, diced yellow onion, halved tomato, pickled sport peppers, celery salt, and pickle spear. But what pickle is the best to use? I will be buying local tomato, and onion when in season. I was thinking Claussen, or Vlasic as I love the taste & snap of them. I am just concerned on the price point of those two. What's everyone else using? Also I don't do Chicago style dogs as a staple, would it be a bad idea to charge a buck more for them to cover all those toppings and special buns?
Re:I'm in a Pickle over the Pickle 2013/05/20 10:05:02
Man if you have an Albertsons market try their brand dill pickles before you do anything. They taste like the old time dills from 1857 in New Orleans. I thought no one knew how to make them anymore. 
Re:I'm in a Pickle over the Pickle 2013/05/20 23:08:37
As long as it's firm with a good snap, any KOSHER pickle should work.
HATE limp, soggy pickles!