Win the battle, lose the war

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/05/20 21:44:30
I know we've had similar threads on this in the past and opinions differ.
We have a small cafe/diner here that has been open a few months. Nothing spectacular but adequate for a quick meal. I thought I saw them tossing my frozen hamburger patty into the french fryer once but I let that go.
Some friends of friends that I don't know went in for breakfast recently. One person in the group ordered a cheese omelet and thought the cheese tasted "off". They called the waitress over and told her the cheese didn't taste right, she took the plate and offered to have something else made. A few minutes later the owners wife came out of the kitchen carrying the bag of shredded cheese and said there was nothing wrong with the cheese and insisted they look at the expiration date on the bag. I guess words were exchanged and the owners wife said they weren't going to replace the order with something else. I don't know who ended paying for what or who was right or who was wrong but I do know at least 6 people that won't set foot in the place again.