2013/05/21 14:05:10
Please, not being mean here.......why is insider $19.95 per year when there are many APPS out there that do basically the same thing that are FREE?
Personally i would like for people here to tell me the advantages of paying $19.95 per year versus using apps.
Why $19.95 per year?
BTW- i have been using this site for a VERY long time, i do love it......but $19.95 a year i believe is a bit much.......maybe you would get more people becoming an insider for less?
Thank you
Re:Insider 2013/05/21 16:38:16
You do get a lot more for the $19.95 than just the apps, you can upload pictures directly to the site, you can get the gps downloads, roadfood maps, roadfood offline, ANDDDDD
You get the knowledge that you are helping to keep a great site like Roadfood up and running. (Server Space Ain't Cheap)
Or you can look at it this way.
For the price of 2 butter burgers, fries and shakes, you can help keep Roadfood up and running for EVERYONE.
Filet Mignon
Re:Insider 2013/05/21 17:10:21
I've always viewed this as a community of friends who share a passion for interesting and off the beaten track food stops.  I feel our small donation towards Roadfood Insider helps maintain the website and all the time, effort and money needed to keep it running.  As an Insider, you also get the option to use maps which I utilize before every trip I take.