Leveling Truck Ideas

2013/05/23 20:25:25
Howdy everyone-
Quick question-my original idea to have the weight in the truck more evenly distributed kinda fell through with having to move a cooler to the line side.  Anyway now the level and weight of the truck is way off.  What are my options for getting things level?  I know the obvious would be to simply add weight to the passenger (lighter) side but I would rather not add a bunch of extra weight unless I absolutely have to.
Also I'm at the point where pinching pennies is a priority so adding air bags probably isn't in the cards...
Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks in advance!!!
Re:Leveling Truck Ideas 2013/05/23 22:12:51
Air bags would do it.  Hook them up on separate air lines so you can independently adjust them.
Re:Leveling Truck Ideas 2013/05/24 02:43:54
cheap would be move your water and waste tanks to the other side.water weighs 8 lb per gal.
heavier shocks on that side could do it.
heavier springs also.
Re:Leveling Truck Ideas 2013/05/24 09:58:04
Thanks for the suggestions.  I already have my water and waste on that side and that is certainly going to help but you guys are right-a little suspension mod is probably the way to go.  The airbags seem cheap enough and I'm sure I can find some better shocks and springs so we'll see what I can muster up.  Thanks again!!