Old Shrimp Boats buildings

Double Cheeseburger
2013/05/24 16:09:17
I seem to remember starting a thread about these years ago, but I can't find it so I will start another...

I'd like to know about any 1960s/1970s Shrimp Boats buildings that are still in use by other restaurants or other businesses. Somebody (here?) once directed me to the old Shrimp Boats building on Collier Rd in Atlanta, now Patrick's Sub Shop, and I found another on Sandtown Rd in Marietta GA. I'm not sure whether the one on Baxter in Athens is still standing.

My research has suggested that there were once 95 Shrimp Boats around the southeast and I don't know how many had that unique building or whether any are still standing at all. If you know of any, and especially if you wouldn't mind photographing the building for me, please leave a comment of PM me! Thanks.
Southern Fried
Re:Old Shrimp Boats buildings 2013/05/26 00:15:38
I just happen to have a Macon phone book from the 1970’s. There were four Shrimp Boats listed in Macon back then. I used Google Maps to see what is there today:
(1)  778 Riverside Drive - no trace remaining. Replaced by strip office building
(2)  2830 Riverside Drive -  it is now Pier 97 Seafood & Grill‎
(3)  2978 Vineville Ave. – it has been replaced by a newer building and  is an American Wings restaurant today
(4)  3535 Pio Nono Avenue - it is now a Keno Café/Lottery Store‎. This one does resemble an old Shrimp Boat.
And there was one in Warner Robins:
(5) 1307 Watson Blvd. - it is now a Gold Buyers store. It looks like it hasn’t changed too much and looks like an old Shrimp Boat.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Old Shrimp Boats buildings 2013/05/26 16:42:41
That's very useful!  We'll be taking a few minutes' detour the first week of July right around Macon and W.R. (maybe trying Shakey's Pizza) and I might can track those two remaining ones down!  Thanks!
Any others still around, roadfooders?