Memorial Day

2013/05/27 13:07:24
Thank you to all of the men and women who lost their lives defending our great country.  My father made it through WW11 but sadly passed away 2 years ago.  We had a military funeral.  I have the flag that proudly covered his coffin and his dog tags. 
Re:Memorial Day 2013/05/27 14:57:36
Also thank you to the soldiers who survived and fought to keep us free.
My father was liberated from the Nazis by Unites States troops.  I lost him May 23, 2003.  Seems like yesterday.
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Re:Memorial Day 2013/05/28 20:28:11
So sorry to hear of your losses! Two of my nephews have served, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. The second who was in Afghanistan came down with a medical problem, while there, was transferred to West Germany and then back to West Point and ultimately diagnosed with MS. My daughters and I visited him at the Westchester Medical Center this past Sunday as he had a recent MS crisis.
I have always been taught that Memorial Day was not a day of celebration but one of observance! I truly do appreciate all who have served and those who gave their lives for my freedom!!
Re:Memorial Day 2013/05/30 14:54:53
I serve as conductor of the Rockville Concert Band in Rockville MD. One of my favorite pieces to play is the Armed Forces Salute, which is a medley of each of the 5 marches from the correpsonding branch of military. When performed, it is tradition to ask anyone who has served, to stand during their repsective march - for Memorial Day I ask the families of soldiers who have passed, to stand in place of their fallen soldier.
I think it's the bands favorite moment, as well.
Re:Memorial Day 2013/05/31 19:25:06
My Grandfather was a B-17 Bomber Pilot, his first mission was D-Day 1944, he flew his 30 missions and made it back home to raise his family and work his arse off.  Stayed in the USAF Reserves and retired a LTC.  He rarely talked about what he saw or had to do during the war.  I could tell even as a kid how it affected him.
He died peacefully in his sleep May 4, 1994.  I miss him each and every day.
I usually go to the various family cemeteries and place jug of peonies at each family stone and a flag at the military members graves.  It is something that I was brought up doing, my grandmother did it then, my mom, now my uncle and I do it.
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Re:Memorial Day 2013/05/31 21:13:01
My father was in the 8th Army Air Force, first as radioman trainer M.Sgt. in Texas, then off to the UK and France and finally winding up with the Occupation force in Hiroshima. He kept his uniform and was proud of his service. My hat's off to any one who served our country.
Here is Hamish, dressed for Memorial Day.

PS CajunKing, 
Who knows, my dad might have been your grandfather's radioman!
Re:Memorial Day 2013/06/01 15:30:16
8th Army Air Force, 390th Bomb Group (H), 569th Bomb Squadron
Based in Framlingham, ENG
He did his training in TX, before being sent to ENG
I have my grandfather's uniform, I am getting ready to donate it to the 390th Memorial Museum in Tucson.
Re:Memorial Day 2013/06/01 15:43:48
Dad was in 593rd Joint Assault Signal Co. in the Pacific.  We have his medals proudly framed and in our living room.  We had the jacket of his uniform next to his casket and then it got buried with him.  They're building a new bridge in Beaver County, PA called Veteran's Memorial Bridge.  I bought a brick for my father that says SSGT Mike Grey, 593rd JASCO, 1941-1945.
My father never talked about it either, even though I would ask.