Huge food markets

Fire Safety Admin
2013/05/29 19:26:40
I have been to many in the USA including the Public Market in Seattle, many small ones that were great in Lancaster PA and many other cities but I have to say that the most diverse was in Atlanta.  This place was huge with what seemed to me like acres of diverse food.  The Buford hwy is packed with diverse restaurants  and in habitants.  If if ever in this area, whither you buy or not, this place is a ethnic museum of food.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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Re:Huge food markets 2013/05/29 20:08:13
Paul, That one looks great. My nephew and his future wife just moved to Atlanta so I will be sure they know about it!
Re:Huge food markets 2013/05/30 10:06:49
That looks like a fun market!

Years ago there was a market called International Supermarket close to the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City. It was pretty big (it was previously a a Target) and it stocked each aisle with a nice variety of items by country & within a few aisles you could be on a different continent altogether. They had a nice selection of exotic fresh fruits & vegetables that were priced in a very reasonable sense as well...compared to a small specialty market.

They also had a 30,000 sq. ft. food court with diverse quick offerings that were fun to sample before or after shopping. I miss it.
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Re:Huge food markets 2013/05/30 12:04:00
Paul, I could spend a week in that Market! Thanks!
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Re:Huge food markets 2013/05/30 16:47:14
In L.A.'s Korea Town, there is the Korea Town Galleria Market. It is huge, one floor is strictly a market with live fish and seafood tanks, aisle after aisle of food and other items. One floor is strictly a food court and the other has small shops, bakeries and restaurants. Overall, it is the biggest market I have seen. although the Shun Fat Supermarket gives it a run for the money at 105,000 square feet on one level. These are not markets---they are day trips!
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Re:Huge food markets 2013/05/30 17:26:05
In Memphis - the winchester farmers market is very nice.  It looks like an old supermarket but they have great produce and a variety of ethnic food options.

Re:Huge food markets 2013/05/30 17:33:05
Smorgasburg by Brooklyn Flea is a wonderful weekly market for a variety of local Roadfood foods & goodies/treats/ingredients for home...made by small local independent food vendors & artists in the NYC area...
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